Adirondack Wild and Earthjustice Gain Important Victory: DEC Abandons Motorized Zone through Low Elevation Boreal Ecosystem

In a phone call to Adirondack Wild and Earthjustice, NYS DEC has announced it was dropping its draft proposal from the fall to open 17 miles of road for the first time to public motor vehicle use near Carry Falls Reservoir and a primitive area renowned for endangered boreal habitats, species like the spruce grouse and many Adirondack birds and plants imperiled by climate change exacerbated by active road development and motorized use. DEC clearly conceded that Adirondack Wild and Earthjustice's joint comment letter had been persuasive. If DEC proceeded with the road proposal the agency would not only clearly violate its own commitments from a 2006 unit management plan to carefully study the impacts of any further opening up of the roads here - studies it had never conducted -  but the DEC would violate numerous laws protective of the Park including the State Land Master Plan and State Environmental Quality Review Act and the Rivers Act. Adirondack Wild and Earthjustice are particularly pleased with not having to resort to legal action and with DEC's voluntary compliance to withdraw its proposal and to work with groups like ours to redraft next summer.

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12/18/17 Governor Cuomo: stop the growing rail junkyard in the heart of the Adirondacks “They own the track so they believe they have the right to store their trains on their track in the Adirondacks. It is unsightly. It's out of character with the Adirondacks. We don't own the tracks. There's a question as to what legal right we have to oppose it. But we oppose it one hundred percent and we are going to do everything we can do to stop the owner from storing the trains on those tracks.” – Governor Andrew Cuomo read more >
Used Oil tanker cars parked indefinitely on the tracks. Photo by Peter Bauer, Protect the Adirondacks

12/18/17 DEC’s Motorized Road Proposal impacts Rare Park Boreal Ecosystem Previously I wrote in the Almanack about “a notice for public comment about what seems a relatively innocuous, relatively short (1.25 mile) road construction…has been circulated by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, or DEC…This is actually not a small deal at all.” Indeed it is not a small deal. read more >
Graphic courtesy of NYS DEC

09/29/17 Vote Yes on Proposal #3 on November 7 Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve and a host of other organizations worked to ensure that many earlier, problematic uses of a “land bank” were removed from this constitutional amendment. This amendment is strictly focused on local highways, and on compelling public purposes of health, safety, utility upgrades and maintenance along these highways. On Nov. 7, Adirondack Wild encourages a “Yes” vote on Proposal 3. read more >


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Photos: Top left: Bog on Upper St Regis Lake. © Ken Rimany;
Field Notes From the Partners: Carved 'Beaver House' sign - by Paul Schaefer. Photo © Ken Rimany;
Wild Action Now photo: Dan Plumley at the Keene Valley Library, along with Naj Wikoff, sharing what they learned and offered to the gathering of leaders at the Conference of World Parliamentarians on Tibet. Photo  © Ken Rimany.

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