"For a moment, the hand of man is stayed…
and he neither destroys nor constructs.
He has left time behind him."
—Paul Schaefer


7thth Annual Meeting of Members and Friends
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Tannery Pond Community Center, 228 Main Street, North Creek, NY

This year we will be gathering in the Village of North Creek at the beautiful Tannery Pond Community Center, 228 Main Street.

The focus of this year’s meeting is a public forum focused on Adirondack Wild’s recently published guidebook, Pathways to a Connected Adirondack Park – Practical Steps to Better Land Use Decisions.

10:00 am Registration Starts
11:00 am Meeting commences with a review of Adirondack Wild’s year, the challenges we’ve met over the past twelve months and our plans to address the year ahead with the help of our members and friends. Q&A and election of our directors and officers will conclude the morning session.
12:15 pm Break for brown bag lunches (please bring your own).
1:00 pm A public forum about Pathways to a Connected Adirondack Park  begins.

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Michael Klemens, Adirondack Wild’s Advisor in Landscape Conservation, who will introduce the ten strategies or steps to better land use decisions.

Directly following Dr. Klemens presentation, meeting participants and members will be invited for questions, answers and dialogue about how these strategies relate to land use planning in North Creek, Johnsburg and other nearby hamlets and towns. 

3:00 pm Paul Schaefer Wilderness Award - our highest honor, will be presented to Adirondack Wilderness Advocates for AWA’s outstanding, ongoing grassroots organizing efforts to achieve a Wilderness classification of Boreas Ponds. 

Wild Stewardship Award - will be conveyed to conservation biologist Dr. Michael Klemens for his work at the grassroots level to incorporate complex ecological information into land use planning decisions in many localities, including in the Adirondack Park.

Finally, we will ask our audience to join us in honoring the memory of the late John Collins of Blue Mountain Lake. 

Tannery Pond Community Center

Our meeting is free and open for you and your friends.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, September 27th

Please contact Ken Rimany
Email Ken Rimany: krimany@adirondackwild.org
Mobile • 518.928.4501

We look forward to welcoming you on September 30th!

The mission of Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve is to advance New York’s ‘Forever Wild’ legacy and Forest Preserve policies in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks, and promote public and private land stewardship that is consistent with wild land values through education, advocacy and research.

Top left, Moose River ©2010 Ken Rimany; Field Notes photographs ©2011 Ken Rimany. "VIEW" photograph ©2012 David Gibson

Peter Brinkley, Honorary Chair
Daniel R. Plumley, Partner
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David H. Gibson, Partner
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Kenneth J. Rimany, Partner

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