"Isn’t this the type of life challenge…vocation…
and calling to do something crucialand vital for the
whole fabric of life that we humans yearn for?”
—Ed Zahniser



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Dear Friend of the Wild,

Many years ago, our founder, Paul Schaefer, advised us to carry a camera into the Adirondack wilds and to use photography to influence events. As a member of Adirondack Wild, you know that first-hand information can enhance maps, plans, protection and stewardship for this place unique on planet earth known as the Adirondack Park.

This documentation formed the basis for Adirondack Wild’s groundbreaking report, Adirondack Park at a Crossroad: A Road Map for Action. Your past giving helped us to produce this report last year and to raise statewide awareness that the Adirondack Park is far less protected than many assume it is, and what to do about that.

Now, we ask for your continued support to allow us to follow up the report’s recommendations. For example, we are now documenting and photographing the conditions around Boreas Ponds, the magnificent 21,000 acres just south of the High Peaks acquired for the public Forest Preserve this year, and to use the information to rally public support to influence its addition to the High Peaks Wilderness.

The Problem: Neither the NYS Adirondack Park Agency nor Governor Andrew Cuomo are convinced yet that the Boreas Ponds merits a Wilderness designation. The sound of cars, trucks and motors may yet be allowed to break the awesome stillness around the Boreas Ponds. It is up to all of us to convince the state that this remote forest should have a different fate than “anyplace USA”; that it should be allowed to recover and become a magnificent, ecological and recreational addition to the High Peaks Wilderness.

Recently, we went far in to photograph this magnificent country. We found the essence of a truly wild, northern wilderness. The cedar, red spruce and balsam forests were rich, old and pristine. The Boreas Ponds shores are boggy, full of rare plants amidst the bleached bones of cedar trees blown down long ago. Loons call from far out in the water, bald eagles migrate high above, and a dozen of the rarest boreal bird species return to this place each May. This combination of features makes the Boreas Ponds landscape not only nationally significant, but globally important. The quietude and sublime stillness is also embracing and restoring. This is all very vulnerable – to our overuse, our machines, our noise, and climate change. To be resilient over time, this ecosystem needs to treated carefully, as wilderness.

Your generosity in this season of giving helps Adirondack Wild to:

  • Recruit people like you to speak for wilderness at the upcoming public hearings about Boreas Ponds and other wild places;
  • Push for legislation which would mandate that private lands subject to large residential subdivision applications be sited and designed using conservation design principles;
  • Allow us to stand up in court because NYS’s DEC and APA are flagrantly evading the law’s prohibitions on motorized use in wild and scenic river corridors;
  • Support the work of Dr. Michael Klemens, our advisor in landscape conservation, who understands conservation design and who is educating many to improve land use planning in the Adirondack Park.

\Finally, your contribution will support our work with young people all across New York. We have recently enriched student understanding and experience at Clarkson University’s Adirondack Semester Program, Paul Smith’s College and Skidmore College, among others. After we helped young people in Albany to work with DEC Forest Rangers to plant 500 trees on eroding Adirondack campsites, the leader of the Youth EdVenture and Nature Network (YENN) wrote to us:

“We had a phenomenal time! Our YENN Members learned a tremendous amount of information that we will be able to share with our others... We appreciate you and the Rangers and the experience you guys were able to offer. Thanks once again!” – Jaimz Edwards, YENN

These young people are our future leaders, our future guardians of the wilderness. They care, deeply, but they also seek our guidance, information and mentoring, just as we did when Paul Schaefer crystallized our understanding and life-long feelings for wild nature.

Now with the opportunities in front of us like the “forever” protection of Boreas Ponds, we reach out to you again. Remember, “We’re on the wild’s side,” and we know you are, too. Please give as generously to Adirondack Wild as you can. We cannot thank you enough for your continuing support.

In advance, thank you very much for your consideration. We make donating easy using the enclosed donation card and return envelope or via our secure website using PayPal at www.adirondackwild.org.

Sincerely Yours in Forever Wild Friendship,

David Gibson, Managing Partner          Dan Plumley, Partner          Ken Rimany, Partner


You can download "Park at a Crossroad" here on our website or if you would like your own hard copy, simply email your request to Dave Gibson at dgibson@adirondackwild.org.


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The mission of Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve is to advance New York’s ‘Forever Wild’ legacy and Forest Preserve policies in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks, and promote public and private land stewardship that is consistent with wild land values through education, advocacy and research.

Top left panorama: Ashokan Reservoir ©Ken Rimany; Suzanne Roberson portrait ©Ken Rimany

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