"Isn’t this the type of life challenge…vocation…
and calling to do something crucialand vital for the
whole fabric of life that we humans yearn for?”
—Ed Zahniser



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Dear Friend of the Wild,

We are happy to report that spring has arrived at places in the Adirondack Park that we know and care about, such as along the shores of Lake Champlain, in the forests near the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, and throughout the High Peaks region, and more. At this busy and hopeful time of renewal, we’re addressing this to all of our wonderful members to ask for your renewed support of Adirondack Wild.
Each week our hardworking team doggedly pursues our organization’s priorities on behalf of you, our members, to achieve a wilder, more connected, more resilient Adirondack Park and NYS Forest Preserve.

When you cannot be in the room or out in the field, Adirondack Wild watches, documents and speaks for your interest in this precious wilderness.

Just to name a few of our activities, Adirondack Wild is currently:

  • Advocating for the restoration of wild conditions to the High Peaks and the creation and expansion of those conditions in other places of solitude and tranquility, such as the Boreas Ponds;
  • Appealing to our courts to hold our environmental agencies accountable to the protective laws that make this Park truly unique on the planet. We are now before the NYS Court of Appeals to defend scenic rivers like the Cedar and Upper Hudson from expanded motorized access and pollution proposed by our State agencies DEC and APA;
  • Applying the tools of conservation science to achieve better land use decisions throughout the Park. Our landscape conservation advisor Dr. Michael Klemens has just addressed the 25th annual Conference on the Adirondacks about Ecological Stewardship: Empowering Communities to Protect the Commons;
  • Engaging with young people who are the next generation leaders for the Park. This spring, we recruited a dozen young volunteers from the Youth EdVenture and Nature Network in Albany for a day of service planting trees on a damaged location in the NYS Forest Preserve. This was our 7th day of service working with YENN volunteers in the Park.

Photo: Paddling Boreas Ponds. Photo © Dave Gibson

We’re pleased to say that our constructive pressure has resulted in some recent successes. For example, the NYS Adirondack Park Agency recently adopted new private land subdivision application procedures that mirror much of what we espouse in the publication Pathways to a Connected Adirondack Park. These reforms might not have happened without Adirondack Wild’s effectiveness, influence as an advocate, leadership, and strengths in conservation science.

If our monthly income streams were as steady as our programmatic success, Adirondack Wild’s planning could look much further out on the horizon. Instead of responding to program and fiscal emergencies, we could proactively create new opportunities, forge new or stronger partnerships, sow the seeds of a truly connected Adirondack Park, and market those achievements better than our present limited capacity permits.

Spring is always a difficult fundraising environment for all not-for-profits, and especially so for small organizations like ours. Given a head of financial steam behind us on July 1, there are a number of activities we need to take in the way of advocating for our biologically diverse, rare ecosystems in the northwestern area of the Park, in expanding the use of conservation subdivision design on private lands in the Park and in protecting the expanded High Peaks Wilderness Area at Boreas Ponds.
So, we appeal to all our members to please consider stretching yourselves in two crucial ways - if possible:

  1. Please consider an extra tax-deductible gift of your own this spring, and make it as generous as you can to be commensurate with your passion for the work of Adirondack Wild; and
  2. by reaching out to another family member, or a friend, or a colleague, to let them know how important this work is protecting the wild, and how Adirondack Wild speaks for them as well when they are not in the room. Thank you for asking them to join you with the above mentioned matching gift opportunity. Every dollar counts!

Please remember that every dollar that you, your friend, family member or colleague contributes will be matched dollar for dollar up to $150,000 thanks to two generous matching donors. This program announced last fall . . . continues. With your help, collectively we will reach our annual budget goal, raise our matching gift, and build up that head of steam we need for the busy summer season ahead.
In advance, thank you very, very much for your considerations and for your dedication to this cause for the wild.

David Gibson
Managing Partner

Terry Jandreau
Board Chair


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The mission of Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve is to advance New York’s ‘Forever Wild’ legacy and Forest Preserve policies in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks, and promote public and private land stewardship that is consistent with wild land values through education, advocacy and research.

Top left panorama: Ashokan Reservoir ©Ken Rimany; Suzanne Roberson portrait ©Ken Rimany

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