"My personal experience and readings convince me that preservation
of wild places is the best of American traditions.
Wilderness is at the heart of the nation.
It tells one generation what is right and lasting about
all generations and about the land itself."
—Michael Frome


Award Presentations at the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting in Saranac Lake

By Dave Gibson

At Adirondack Wild’s Nov. 3, 2018 annual membership meeting in Saranac Lake, It was an honor to bestow our awards to two deserving Adirondackers, Julia Goren and Phil Brown.
Julia received our Wild Stewardship Award for leading the High Peaks Summit Stewardship program since 2006. She and her team of Summit Stewards have communicated with hundreds of thousands of hikers on our Park’s fragile summits to walk on the rocks, and not on the endangered alpine flora rooted in such shallow organic soil. 80-acres on Marcy, Algonquin, Haystack and a few other peaks is all we have left of our post glacial alpine vegetation, so the long days Julia and her colleagues have put in these past dozen years to educate hikers have been well worth it. Inspired and founded by the late Dr. Ed Ketchledge, the program is a collaboration by the Adirondack Mountain Club, Julia’s employer, Adirondack Nature Conservancy and NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation.
2018 Wild Stewardship Award

Presented to

Julia Goren

Through your leadership of the Summit Stewards and ecological research, you have fostered public awareness, understanding and action, even passion, among thousands of hikers to stay on the rocks and off the endangered alpine flora of our Park’s highest summits. Thanks to you and all those you have taught, these fragile plants and habitats persist for the youth of today and, we hope, of distant tomorrows. As a result of your wild stewardship, in you we recognize a true "Adirondack archangel."

Julia Goren speaks to our members at the Saranac Lake Free Library. Photo by Dan Plumley

Phil Brown received our highest honor, the Paul Schaefer Wilderness Award, for his nineteen years as editor of the Adirondack Explorer magazine. Phil’s editing and reporting from the wilderness, mountain summits, rivers and trails of the Park, as well as from the countless meetings and debates on Adirondack policy, was both dogged and thorough. Paul Schaefer would have joined the rest of us in applauding such tenacity and passion for journalistic excellence and coverage of every corner and angle of the six-million acre Adirondack Park. In between issues of the Explorer, Phil found time to write many books as well, including Bob Marshall in the Adirondacks (2006, Lost Island Press). We are so happy that Phil will continue writing for the Explorer in the years to come.

2018 Paul Schaefer Wilderness Award

Presented to

Phil Brown

As editor of the Adirondack Explorer, you brought the Adirondack Park into regular focus for thousands of readers. From its pressing issues and threats, to its Forest Preserve, recreation, lives of towns, people and of wildlife, you pioneered coverage of the entire Park for 19 years. If something was worth reporting, you were there to experience and to investigate. In this you’ve honored a Park of global significance and followed in the footprints of Bob Marshall and Paul Schaefer.

Phil Brown, center, is flanked left to right by Dave Gibson, Adk Wild, Brandon Loomis, new editor of the Explorer,  Tom Woodman former publisher of the Explorer, and Adirondack Wild’s Dan Plumley.  Photo by Ken Rimany

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