“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s
peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms
their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

— John Muir

IN THE NEWS - 2011

December 2011

12/29/11 • The Daily Gazette
Fly-fishing: Johns Brook ‘repairs’ an overreaction to storm
KEENE VALLEY — The state has begun undoing some of the ill-considered “repairs” on Adirondack trout streams ravaged in late August by Tropical Storm Irene. Johns Brook in Keene Valley, a tributary of the East Branch of the Ausable River, has had some natural features restored — a rock weir, some mid-stream boulders, etc. A handful of other streams that were dredged immediately after the storm are also getting some attention. read PDF >

12/21/11 • The Times Union
State's haste proving to be a waste
KEENE VALLEY — Some emergency work to reconfigure Adirondack streams after massive floods during this fall's tropical storms — done after the state decided to waive environmental permits to save time — may have gone too far.

Last week, the state Transportation Department returned with heavy equipment to redo work in Johns Brook in Keene Valley, and likely will be doing the same elsewhere in the Adirondacks. read PDF >

12/20/11 • North County Public Radio
Reconstruction work begins on Ausable River and its tributaries
In the weeks following tropical storm Irene, environmental groups blasted state and local officials for dredging and straightening sections of the Ausable River. The work was done in an effort to prevent future flooding and to protect neighborhoods in Keene, Jay and Ausable Forks. But critics say the dredging damaged crucial fish habitat and gave the river an unnatural appearance. As Todd More reports, efforts have now begun to restore the Ausable. read PDF >

12/19/11 • North County Public Radio
Did APA procedures and regulations fall short during Big Tupper review?
Next month, the Adirondack Park Agency will bring to a close its seven-year review of the Big Tupper resort proposed for Tupper Lake. Developers hope to build more than 700 luxury homes and condos, as well as a new ski lodge, equestrian center and marina. It's the biggest single project the APA has ever reviewed. read PDF >

12/189/11 • Letters to the Editor Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY
By David Gibson
Tupper Lake resort project would be like ‘sprawl on steroids’
Re Dec. 11 article, “APA reviews Tupper Lake project”: Stephen Williams has alerted Gazette readers to a big decision facing the Adirondack Park Agency in January — whether to permit the Adirondack Club and Resort [ARC] near Tupper Lake. read PDF >

November 2011

11/29/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Resort opponents tight-lipped about appeal
TUPPER LAKE - Even before the start of the final review process the Adirondack Club and Resort must go through with the state Adirondack Park Agency, advocates for and against the project were discussing the possibility of a lawsuit arguing the agency's final decision.

But representatives of the environmental groups who are considered the ones likely to sue are saying that they haven't decided yet whether to do so if the project is granted approval. read PDF >

11/14/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise – Guest Commentary
APA board should deny resort as is
By David Gibson and Dan Plumley, Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve
A recent Adirondack Daily Enterprise article ("Developers commit to preserving extra acres," Oct. 28 issue) reports that Adirondack Club and Resort developers have agreed to leave most of the land on the 6,200-acre property as open space. According to the Adirondack Park Agency hearing staff, this is a "significant development."

It isn't. In fact, the ACR is one of the worst examples of exurban sprawl ever to come before the APA. The hearing's testimony made clear how the ACR as designed would fragment and break up large blocks of forest land into smaller parcels, to the detriment of native wildlife, undermining the Park's land-use law and character. read PDF >

11/12/11 • The Daily Gazette
Off the Northway: Out of the frying pan, into the fire
By Stephen Williams, Gazette Reporter
You wouldn’t know it from the governor’s praise-filled press release announcing her appointment, but new Adirondack Park Agency Chairwoman Lani Ulrich will immediately face a historic challenge.

The APA is about to make a decision whether to approve plans for the mammoth Adirondack Club and Resort in Tupper Lake. At 700 units on 6,200 acres, it’s arguably the largest and most controversial proposal the Adirondacks have seen, and it’s at the center of a prolonged and fierce debate. read PDF >

11/06/11 • Press-Republican
Study looks at Ausable River management
JAY — The long look toward managing a river's course comes with as many twists and turns as the Ausable River itself.

After Tropical Storm Irene hit in late August, communities are looking hard at what steps to take in understanding where and how close they stand to the river's edge. read PDF >

11/02/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Officials, residents convene to discuss post-Irene AuSable River
AuSABLE FORKS - About 100 people attended a forum here Tuesday evening that focused on the state of the Ausable River and its tributaries after Tropical Storm Irene.

The forum, held at the Town of Jay Community Center, featured a presentation by Plattsburgh State University professor Timothy Mihuc on how Irene impacted human and wildlife habitats. It also featured a diverse panel of about 30 local, state and federal officials who answered questions about cleanup and repairs, and how to mitigate future flooding. read PDF >

October 2011

10/24/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Gibson clearing up "myths" about adjudicatory hearing
Big Deal @ Big Tupper
By Jessica Collier - Staff Writer
Dave Gibson of Adirondack Wild has a blog post today about the ACR hearing on the Adirondack Almanack. He lists a few impressions he had of the hearing, plus what he calls a few myths and the truth behind the myths.
read PDF >

10/14/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Concern grows over lack of APA chair
With ACR review pending, groups call on Cuomo to name an interim chair
By Chris Knight - Senior Staff Writer
RAY BROOK - Unless Gov. Andrew Cuomo takes action in the next few weeks, a decision on the biggest development project ever to come before the state Adirondack Park Agency could be made by a board that has no chair and four members serving on expired terms.
read PDF >


09/30/11 • Press Republican
Concerns raised over river cleaning
By Kim Smith Dedam
KEENE — Tropical Storm Irene's deluge washed roads, bridges, homes and livelihoods downriver a month ago. The storm also delivered tons of sediment to streams and riverbeds, carving entire new channels for water flow.
read PDF >

09/30/11 • Anchorage Daily News
Post-Irene rules on stream work expire in NY, Vt.
By Michael Hill, Associated Press
MONTPELIER, Vt. – In the disastrous days after the remnants of Hurricane Irene sent stones and mud surging down swollen waterways, workers in Vermont and New York were given special permission to dig in river and stream beds without written permits.
read PDF >

09/29/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
New alliance asks for river work to halt
Oversight seen as inadequate
By Mike Lynch - Outdoors Writer
Standing near Styles Brook in the town of Keene Tuesday, Mary Lashway looked around at the dirt-covered landscape that was first torn up by Tropical Storm Irene and was now being worked over by heavy machinery.
read PDF >

09/25/11 • Schenectady Gazette, Sunday Edition
Irene: Alarm sounds on stream repair
Environmentalists say natural features being removed
By Sara Foss, Gazette Reporter
ADIRONDACKS — The photographs depict heavy machinery in the rivers of the Adirondacks, and streambeds that have been flattened and smoothed, stripped of boulders and lined with small rocks. “I’ve seen massive shovels and front-end loaders and backers working in small brooks and streams,” said Dan Plumley, a resident of Keene and partner in the environmental group Adirondack Wild. “They’re removing all of the natural features, taking large boulders out and grading the banks at a 45-degree angle. They’re dredging channels.”
read PDF >

09/19/11 • North Country Public Radio
Green Leaders worry that Irene clean-up is ‘wild, wild west”
Three weeks after tropical storm Irene swept through the Adirondacks, new questions are being raised about environmental impacts of the clean-up effort. Governor Andrew Cuomo suspended most environmental laws and regulations to accelerate the recovery. But green groups say some of the projects now underway are unnecessary and could do more harm than good. Brian Mann has our story. read PDF >

JULY 2011

07/16/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
APA chairman talks about upcoming departure
by Chris Knight - Senior Staff Writer, Adirondack Daily Enterprise
RAY BROOK - State Adirondack Park Agency Chairman Curt Stiles will not seek reappointment to the APA board. Stiles made the surprising announcement at the end of Friday's agency monthly meeting in Ray Brook. "I've had some discussions with (agency Executive Director) Terry (Martino) and (APA counsel) John (Banta) over last two weeks, and discussions with my family over a longer period than that," Stiles said. "I sent a letter to the governor on Tuesday morning that basically says I will not stand for reappointment as chair or as a commissioner of the Adirondack Park Agency." Stiles was overcome with emotion and paused several times as he spoke. read PDF >

JUNE 2011

06/24/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Judge throws out testimony arguing to approve resort
by Jessica Collier - Staff Writer, Adirondack Daily Enterprise
RAY BROOK - Adirondack Club and Resort developers were dealt a blow Thursday when the judge overseeing an adjudicatory hearing on the resort refused to accept testimony from a state Adirondack Park Agency staffer saying he wouldn't deny the project's permit. Throughout the current group of hearing sessions, environmental groups that are party to the hearing have argued that the agency board doesn't have enough information about wildlife on the project site to determine what the impact will be to the animals there. But APA biologist Dan Spada argued that the application shouldn't be rejected because of that. read PDF >

06/08/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Expert: More amphibians likely to be found on (ARC) site
by Jessica Collier - Staff Writer, Adirondack Daily Enterprise
TUPPER LAKE - An expert witness for Adirondack Wild testified Tuesday that since he was able to find 11 species of amphibians on the Adirondack Club and Resort project site in eight-and-a-half hours, there are probably many more. Biologist Michael Klemens, who testified in April that developers' application materials don't include enough information about wildlife on the property, was back Tuesday to answer questions about a rapid amphibian assessment he performed on public lands around the property during a spring amphibian migration period. read PDF >

MAY 2011

05/04/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Judge allows additional testimony from Adk Wild witness
by Jessica Collier - Staff Writer, Adirondack Daily Enterprise
When Dr. Michael Klemens testified last week for Adirondack Wild about amphibians on the project site, he tried to submit additional pre-file testimony listing about 15 species of amphibians he believes to likely be on the site after a quick study of the surrounding area last Monday, which just happened to be the height of most amphibians brief mating season when they were most active. read PDF >

05/02/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
APA wanted more animal info
by Jessica Collier - Staff Writer, Adirondack Daily Enterprise
RAY BROOK - Project applicants for the Adirondack Club and Resort should have provided more information about the development site they want to use around the Big Tupper Ski Area, state Adirondack Park Agency staff said Friday. But the APA board didn't order Preserve Associates, the development group, specifically to do a functional assessment of the natural resources on the site, said Mark Sengenberger, who used to be the APA's deputy director for regulatory programs and, since his 2009 retirement, is working for the APA on contract throughout the ACR hearing. read PDF >

APRIL 2011

04/28/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
ACR and animals
Green group witness: Not enough info to evaluate impact on wildlife

by Jessica Collier - Staff Writer, Daily Enterprise
RAY BROOK - The Adirondack Club and Resort's permit application doesn't provide enough information to decide if it would be detrimental to the local ecology, a green group witness testified Wednesday. Michael W. Klemens, an ecologist and conservation biologist retained as an expert witness by Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve, said in a Wednesday adjudicatory hearing session that he's concerned about the development's potential impact on wildlife and wetlands in the area.
read PDF >

04/15/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
200+ hunting camps ready to be spared APA poised to let cabins remain on timberland on which state bought easement
by Chris Knight, Senior Staff Writer
RAY BROOK - More than 200 hunting and fishing camps in the northwestern Adirondacks that were supposed to be removed would be allowed to stay under a plan approved by a key state Adirondack Park Agency committee Thursday. The agency's Regulatory Programs Committee voted 4-1 to let North Carolina-based Heartwood Forestland Fund, which now owns the former Champion easement lands, keep up to 220 hunting and fishing cabins on the property. A final vote is expected today by the full agency board. read PDF >

04/02/11 • State Proposes to Amend Conservation Easement; Adirondack Wild has concerns and questions; Read background read PDF >
Read full comments
read PDF >04/02/11 • State Proposes to Amend Conservation Easement; Adirondack Wild has concerns and questions; Read background read PDF >
Read full comments
read PDF >


03/10/11 • ACTION ALERT!
Legislative public hearing on Adirondack Club and Resort: Your Chance to Submit Comments Concerned with Forest Fragmentation and other Impacts
Proposed in 2004, the sprawling 6,400-acre Adirondack Club and Resort (ACR) near Tupper Lake remains one of the most serious threats to the Adirondack environment in 40 years of Adirondack Park Agency history. read PDF >

02/02/11 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
No, don't log future Forest Preserve
by David Gibson, Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve

Sen. Betty Little argues for logging on newly acquired Forest Preserve - for example, when the state acquires some of the Finch lands and Follensby Pond. Her justification can be challenged on many grounds. read PDF >


01/17/11 • Young Tradition Vermont
Chaos & Creativity: Performance and CD Release Celebration

Inspiration, creativity, music, theatre and dance will fill the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Lake Placid, NY, on Fri., Jan. 21. Singer, harper, and songwriter Martha Gallagher returns to the LPCA stage to present her annual January concert extravaganza, this year titled Chaos & Creativity. read PDF >

01/11/11 • Press-Republican
Land-use issues arise at Camp Gabriels
by Kim Smith Dedam, Press-Republican

BRIGHTON — The 92-acre campus at the closed Camp Gabriels prison is still for sale, but discussion of its land use in the Adirondack Park is raising controversy. The prison was closed by the Department of Corrections in July 2009, nearly 18 months ago. In December, the Adirondack Park Agency weighed in on land-use classification, should it be sold for private use. read PDF >

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