“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s
peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms
their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

— John Muir

IN THE NEWS - 2012

12/29/12 • Lake Placid News
Green groups chop at APA clear-cutting proposal
RAY BROOK - The state Adirondack Park Agency is facing criticism from a chorus of environmental groups over its plan to streamline the review process for certain kinds of clear-cutting. read PDF >

10/24/12 • Adirondack Almanack
Upland Development: Highlands At Risk
In a field bordered by forested hills and rocky ridges, Dan Plumley unfurled a zoning map of the Adirondack Park. The color-coded map was a reminder of how much private land lay before him, and how potentially fleeting the natural views from Marcy Field could be. read PDF >

10/04/12 • Adirondack Express News
Adirondack Wild meets: Forest friends receive awards
Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve held its annual meeting on Friday, Sept. 28 at View. About 40 members and supporters attended the meeting, which included an awards presentation honoring area individuals, and a bird of prey presentation and discussion. read PDF >

09/05/12 • North Country Gazette
$4.1M Wastewater Treatment System For Inlet
HAMILTON COUNTY—The Town of Inlet broke ground Wednesday for the construction of a $4.1 million wastewater treatment plant and collection system to protect the environment and permit commercial development in this major Adirondack tourism destination. read PDF >

08/24/12 • The Daily Gazette
Trails, streams forever altered in storms’ wake
ADIRONDACKS — A year after Tropical Storm Irene, hiking conditions in the High Peaks backcountry aren’t the same as before, and never will be again. read PDF >

08/17/12 • North Country Public Radio
APA approves 1,300 acre subdivision near Hurricane Wilderness
ADIRONDACKS — The Adirondack Park Agency approved a new 1,300 acre subdivision Thursday in an area that borders the Hurricane Mountain Wilderness. The proposed development could eventually mean construction of 27 new homes. read PDF >

08/07/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Mixed reaction to state land purchase
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announcement on Sunday that the state would proceed with the purchase of 69,000 acres of former Finch, Pruyn and Co. land in the central Adirondacks has drawn praise from environmentalists and criticism from the Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board. read PDF >

07/19/12 • North Country Public Radio
Can the Adirondacks offer residents a sustainable life?
The Adirondack Park is famous for its feuds and political controversies. From the Adirondack Club and Resort debate in Tupper Lake to the future of the railroad corridor through the Park, big and sometimes nasty fights often grab headlines. read PDF >

06/08/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Solution offered in Raquette Lake land dispute
A new bill is expected to be introduced in the state Legislature this month that would offer a solution to a more-than-a-century-long dispute over land ownership in Raquette Lake. read PDF >

05/21/12 • Lake Placid News
Talking about Peace and Hope – Part 1
"Tibet does not belong to the Dalai Lama. Tibet belongs to the 6 million Tibetans. read PDF >

05/17/12 • Adirondack Almanack
NYS Senate sparks transferable development rights debate
Back in 1990, the Commission on the Adirondacks in the Twenty-First Century recommended a plan to protect the backcountry by shifting development to more settled areas around the Park’s hamlets. read PDF >

05/10/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
APA lacked will, not authority, to require wildlife survey for ACR
OK, "let's talk about APA improvements" (editorial, May 5). First step: honest reading of the Adirondack Club and Resort hearing transcript, and Adirondack Park Agency law and regulations. If you had done so, you would not reach the conclusion that "of all things the APA required a wildlife survey wasn't one of them." read PDF >

04/21/12 • Times Union
Fearing a slippery slope
Tupper Lake: To opponents of the Adirondack Club and Resort, the project's potential economic benefits are trumped by environmental destruction that could be repeated elsewhere in the largest wilderness park in the lower 48 states, ultimately endangering what draws people there. read PDF >

03/31/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
It’s a trade: land for cabins
The state Department of Environmental Conservation will let up to 220 hunting cabins remain on former Champion International Paper lands, it announced Friday. read PDF >

02/13/12 • North Country Public Radio
Morning Read: Did the Adirondack Park Agency gloss over Big Tupper wildlife concerns?
Last month's decision by state officials to allow construction of the massive Big Tupper resort continues to simmer out there. A legal challenge could still come, with the deadline for a decision by green groups set for April 1st. read PDF >

02/03/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
DEC Chief Sees Stream Restoration Progress
KEENE VALLEY — River and stream rehabilitation is under way here, but officials say a lot of work still remains to be done. Lawmakers, local politicians and state officials joined state Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens Thursday afternoon to inspect work done last year to rebuild a portion of Johns Brook that was damaged by Tropical Storm Irene on Aug. 28.
read PDF >

02/01/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Environmental groups fight hunting cabin plan
ADIRONDACKS — Four New York conservation organizations say the state Department of Environmental Conservation didn't follow proper procedures when it renegotiated three conservation easements that were part of the 139,000-acre deal with Champion International Paper in 1999. read PDF >


01/21/12 • The Daily Gazette
APA approves Tupper Lake resort plan
ADIRONDACKS — The Adirondack Park Agency on Friday approved plans for the massive Adirondack Club and Resort in Tupper Lake, the largest development proposal in recent Adirondack history. Plans for the controversial 719-unit project in the remote northwest corner of the Adirondack Park were approved 10-1 after months of intense review, with only commissioner Richard Booth of Ithaca voting against it. read PDF >

01/17/12 • New York Times, The Opinion Pages
A Development Test in Adirondack Park
“THE Adirondacks are preserved forever,” Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller famously boasted after passage of the Adirondack Park Agency (A.P.A.) Land Use law of 1973. The A.P.A. law calls for precious natural resources of the park to be preserved and development of its private lands carefully planned to ensure compatibility with the adjacent, publicly owned Forest Preserve, which our state constitution says must be “forever wild.” read PDF >

01/13/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
APA writes draft permit for Tupper Lake resort
After six years of public debate, the Adirondack Park Agency’s staff has written a draft permit for the Adirondack Club and Resort in Tupper Lake, finding that the resort would comply with the law if it meets all the conditions of the permit. read PDF >

01/11/12 • Adirondack Wild's Public Comments
High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the Marcellus Shale regions of New York State
Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve recognizes the NYS DEC for putting a great deal of effort into the dSGEIS and draft Regulations for HVHF. While the Adirondack Park and the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserve are largely out of bounds for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing due to absence of Marcellus shale rock deposits in the case of the Adirondack Park, or prohibition against drilling on Forest Preserve, Adirondack Wild still has very serious concerns about HVHF and its anticipated widespread use in New York State. read PDF >

01/06/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Reason for the delays
TUPPER LAKE - NCPR's Brian Mann just beat me to a post I've been formulating in my head for the last day or two.

With the Post-Star editorializing on the long, drawn-out process the ACR has gone through with the APA, Mann notes that there are several reasons for the process. He's right when he notes that Preserve Associates were responsible for many of the delays. read PDF >

01/06/12 • North Country Public Radio
Update: With Big Tupper delays, plenty of blame to go around
TUPPER LAKE - Jess Collier, at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, has written a fascinating (and in some ways much more informative) blog post about all this.

If there's one thing that all sides generally agree on with the Adirondack Park Agency's review of the Big Tupper resort project, it's the fact that the process has dragged on too long. Seven years and counting feels like an eternity. read PDF >

01/04/12 • The Tupper Lake Free Press and Tupper Lake Herald
“Adirondack Wild” motion designed to delay, derail APA permit decision
TUPPER LAKE - The opponents of the Adirondack Club and Resort are ramping up their last minute efforts to stop the project this week.

Dan Plumley and David Gibson, who have been against the project from the very beginning, joined forces in recent weeks with Bob Glennon, a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to the Adirondack Park Agency and its convoluted and very gray set of rules. It is our understanding that Mr. Glennon was one of the architects of those deliberately vague regulations. Plumley and Gibson have been seen chatting and laughing with Glennon frequently at the recent APA meetings in Ray Brook. read PDF >

01/03/12 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Green group moves to reopen hearing on Tupper resort
TUPPER LAKE - Adirondack Wild is asking for the state Adirondack Park Agency's hearing on the proposed Adirondack Club and Resort project to be reopened.

Group co-founders Dan Plumley and David Gibson say the hearing should be reopened "to secure additional evidence," arguing that there isn't enough information for APA commissioners to make an informed decision on the project. read PDF >

01/02/12 • Post Star
With big vote close, pressure is on APA
Criticism of Adirondack Park Agency project review is ramping up as the controversial land-use regulatory agency moves closer to the up or down vote on the largest-ever development proposed in the park. And people in and around the agency have said that discussions about changing how the APA undertakes its core mission have commenced. read PDF >

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