“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s
peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms
their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

— John Muir

IN THE NEWS - 2014

12/27/14 • APA land plan update underway
It might surprise some that there are areas in the Adirondack Park where mountain biking is forbidden. Mountain bikes are not allowed in areas designated as “Wilderness” and “Primitive,” according to the Adirondack Park Agency’s State Land Master Plan, which hasn’t had a major amendment since 1987.
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12/22/14 • Adirondack Wild Makes SLMP Suggestions
The advocacy group Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve has issued a report calling for strengthening in policy and practice under the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan (SLMP).
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12/20/14 • New ‘Adirondack Explorer’ Features Ice Climbing
Last winter, at age fifty-nine, I took up ice climbing. My first route was the popular Chouinard’s Gully above Chapel Pond. Don Mellor, the author of Blue Lines: An Adirondack Ice Climber’s Guide, led all three pitches.

Later in the season, I climbed four classic routes with Dan Plumley: Roaring Brook Falls, the Cascade (between Cascade Lakes), Multiplication Gully in Wilmington Notch, and Chapel Pond Slab. On each climb, Dan led and thus assumed the lion’s share of the risk. read PDF >

11/17/14 • Meeting Will Target Expanding Recreation In Adirondack's Great South Woods
The public has a chance to weigh in tonight at a hearing on ways to improve outdoor recreation opportunities on both private and public lands in the Southern Adirondacks.

Tonight in Speculator, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in partnership with local governments and the Adirondack Park Agency will take public input on how to improve hiking, biking, and other recreational opportunities in the Great South Woods, a more than two million acre region in the Southern Adirondacks. read PDF >

11/08/14 • Don’t Mine the Lichen: A Tourist Defends Her Adirondacks
Whenever I think of the summers I spent as a kid, scrambling around the Adirondack’s High Peaks, I always remember my grandfather’s constant refrain: “Don’t step on the lichen!” A boisterous group of four kids from Long Island, we were, ascending those rugged mountains in tow behind our parents and grandparents throughout our childhood in the 70s and 80s. read PDF >

10/07/14 • An Adirondack Wilderness Imperiled
IN 1985, the centennial of the founding of the Adirondack Forest Preserve, Gov. Mario M. Cuomo of New York told conservationists in a speech: “The wilderness areas of this state are not a disposable resource, to be consumed and discarded. They must be preserved. Forever.”

That same year, he set aside forest preserve land around Jay Mountain as a state wilderness area. Now his son, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, has set in motion a plan that would allow open pit mining on 200 acres of that wilderness. read PDF >

09/26/14 • New York Groups Commemorate Anniversary Of Wilderness Act
The National Wilderness Preservation System Act was signed in 1964. The groundbreaking law to preserve lands across the country is based on New York State’s constitutional “Forever Wild” clause. Members of the NYS Wilderness 50th Steering Committee were in Plattsburgh recently for workshops with students on the Wilderness Act. read PDF >

09/26/14 • Adirondack Council Releases Annual State Of Park Report
The Adirondack Council has issued its annual State of the Park report. It finds progress in land acquisition and state policies. But it also determined that more needs to be accomplished in order to protect the lands and communities of the region. read PDF >

09/22/14 • Wilderness 50th presentations at SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College
Click for details, times and dates:. read PDF >

09/11/14 • Marking the spot where wilderness preservation began
The Zahniser family cabin is shown on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, during a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Wilderness Act in Johnsburg. The Zahniser family gave a conservation easement on their cabin to protect it from development as well as 5 acres of land to the State of New York. read PDF >

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the family of Howard Zahniser has granted New York State a conservation easement on the cabin where much of the Federal Wilderness Act of 1964 was drafted, allowing for the site to be protected as part of the Adirondack Forest Preserve. Additionally, the family donated more than five acres of land to the state as a tribute to their late father’s wilderness advocacy. read PDF >

09/09/14 • Wilderness 50th Celebration in North Creek Wednesday
Environmental activists seeking to prevent NYCO Minerals from drilling in the Jay Mountain Wilderness are trying to thwart the will of the electorate, according to court papers filed by the state attorney general’s office. read PDF >

09/09/14 • State Argues NYCO Foes Thwarting Will Of Voters
Environmental activists seeking to prevent NYCO Minerals from drilling in the Jay Mountain Wilderness are trying to thwart the will of the electorate, according to court papers filed by the state attorney general’s office. read PDF >

09/08/14 • Wilderness 50th anniversary celebration at Tannery Pond
Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve and other members of this year’s NYS Wilderness 50th Steering Committee will sponsor a public event in North Creek to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The National Wilderness Preservation System Act of 1964. read PDF >

09/01/14 • Test Drilling Put On Hold
State judge prohibits NYCO from boring in Forest Preserve pending court hearing in October. read PDF >

09/01/14 • Essex Chain plan on hold
The state Department of Environmental Conservation has withdrawn a draft management plan for new state lands known as the Essex Chain Lakes Complex in the face of criticism that it failed to discuss the route of a controversial snowmobile trail. read PDF >

09/01/14 • A fix for Article 14?
Common Ground Alliance says a land bank is needed to enable communities to improve roads, bridges, and other infrastructure without running afoul of the law. read PDF >

08/14/14 • NYCO Arguments Postponed Till Late October
Arguments in State Supreme Court over NYCO Minerals’ plan to drill for wollastonite on Lot 8 in the Jay Mountain Wilderness have been postponed until October 24. read PDF >

08/06/14 • A Judicial Retreat From Protecting The Adirondacks
The recent decision by the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court upholding the approval by the Adirondack Park Agency of the proposed Adirondack Club and Resort (ACR) project in Tupper Lake has generated intense controversy. read PDF >

07/15/14 • Earthjustice Obtains Court Order To Block NYCO Drilling
Earthjustice has obtained a court order blocking NYCO Minerals from test drilling in the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area until the judge has a chance to hear oral arguments in Earthjustice’s lawsuit against NYCO and two state agencies. read PDF >

07/15/14 • Restraining order stops NYCO test mining
ELIZABETHTOWN — Court motions here have stopped NYCO Minerals from starting test mining on Lot 8 in Lewis on Thursday. read PDF >

07/15/14 • Groups File Legal Challenge In NYCO Wilderness Mining
Four environmental organizations filed a lawsuit Friday challenging the State’s approval of mineral exploration on 200-acres of publicly-owned Adirondack Forest Preserve Wilderness known as “Lot 8” in Essex County. read PDF >

07/14/14 • Some green groups turn to courts in Adirondack fight
Four environmental groups say they plan to sue in state court to stop a mining project proposed for the Jay Mountain Wilderness in the Adirondacks. read PDF >

07/11/14 • Environmentalists sue over mining plans
They had earlier signaled that this was coming, and now a group of environmental organizations is going to court, opposing state approval of a mine expansion in the North Country. Voters approved the land swap that would allow this back in November but that, they argue, is separate from the issue of state regulatory approval to move ahead with the mining project. read PDF >

07/11/14 • Green groups plan to sue over NYCO Adirondack mining
A coalition of green groups, including two based in the Adirondacks, say they will file legal action to block "exploratory drilling" in the forest preserve. read PDF >

06/29/14 • Johnsburg: Where Wilderness Begins
My father and mother, Howard and Alice Zahniser, named our cabin Mateskared not long after they bought the place in August 1946 from Harold and Pansy Allen. It sits at the end of a road off Route 8 in Bakers Mills, Warren County. read PDF >

06/27/14 • Earthjustice Seeks Info On Routes Of Oil Trains
The environmental organization Earthjustice is asking authorities to disclose the routes of trains that transport Bakken crude oil through New York State. read PDF >

06/14/14 • APA approves Jay Wilderness mining plan
RAY BROOK - The state Adirondack Park Agency has approved a controversial proposal that will allow NYCO Minerals to conduct exploratory drilling on state Forest Preserve land. read PDF >

06/12/14 • APA Panel Votes To Allow NYCO Drilling In Wilderness
The Adirondack Park Agency’s State Land Committee voted unanimously today to allow NYCO Minerals to conduct exploratory drilling in the Jay Mountain Wilderness on a parcel known as Lot 8. read PDF >

06/07/14 • Environmentalists question legality of Jay mining plan
Environmentalists are crying foul over the state's plan to override Adirondack Park wilderness protections to allow exploratory mining in part of the Jay Mountain Wilderness. read PDF >

05/10/14 • Hudson River History: The Big Hadley And Glen Dams
The other day as my wife and I, along with our dogs, walked River Road near Riparius on the Hudson River, my wife said to me in a folksy manner “just think all this water here, is on its way to New York City.” read PDF >

05/01/14 • Wolf Needs Protection
THIS SPRING, conservation organizations from across the Northeast joined forces to oppose a plan by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove the gray wolf from the federal list of endangered species. As of this writing, it is not too late for the service to change its mind. read PDF >

05/01/14 • Many towns lack zoning
Four decades on, more than 80 percent of Adirondack municipalities have failed to adopt APA-approved land-use plans. read PDF >

04/17/14 • Plans to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The National Wilderness Preservation Act of 1964 are moving ahead. A steering committee has been established and a new logo has been designed that will be used to help promote a variety of commemorative activities being planned later this year at college campuses and other venues across New York State this year. read PDF >

04/09/14 • Environmental Groups Raising Alarms Over Rail Transport Of Crude Oil Through Adirondacks
The number of crude oil tanker cars being hauled on trains south from Canada to the Port of Albany has increased substantially over the past year. Several environmental groups are expressing concerns over potential accidents and demanding action. read PDF >

04/05/14 • DEC plans to amend Jay Wilderness plan
LEWIS - The state Department of Environmental Conservation has submitted a proposed amendment to the state Adirondack Park Agency that would allow NYCO Minerals to move forward with its plan to mine Adirondack Forest Preserve land in Essex County. read PDF >

03/30/14 • If left protected, wolves could find way into Adirondacks
Environmental organizations are fighting efforts to take the gray wolf off the federal endangered species list, thinking it could some day return to the Adirondacks. Though perhaps it already has. read PDF >

03/25/14 • Northeast Coalition Opposes Wolf Delisting
The Northeast Wolf Coalition, a group of national, regional and local conservation organizations, has submitted a statement to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in opposition to its 2013 proposal to remove Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf (Canis lupus) in the contiguous United States. read PDF >

03/21/14 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
New coalition fights for gray wolves
A new coalition that includes numerous Adirondack organizations is fighting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services' plan to remove federal protections for gray wolves. read PDF >

03/20/14 • Adirondack Almanack -
Crowd-funding Sought For Wilderness 50th Anniversary Project
Keene, NY - A new campaign on Adirondack Gives, the crowd-funding site for the Adirondacks, hopes to raise funds for a short video to celebrate this year’s 50th Anniversary of The National Wilderness Preservation Act of 1964. read PDF >

03/14/14 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Lake George zip line advances
RAY BROOK - A key state Adirondack Park Agency committee has approved a zip line project proposed by the father of "Karate Kid" actor Ralph Macchio. The APA's Regulatory Programs Committee voted unanimously Thursday to advance the proposed Bear Pond Zip-Flyer in Lake George to the agency's full board, where it's expected to win approval today. read PDF >

03/14/14 • The Daily Gazette
Wilderness measures are worth celebrating
I’ve had my breath taken away by the scale of Colorado peaks still snowcapped in August. Closer to home, I’ve boulder-hopped Adirondack streams cautiously, knowing breaking a leg a half-dozen miles from the nearest road is the bad idea my wife warned me about. read PDF >

02/03/14 • The Times Union
Opponents of Adirondack mine say land swap is not a done deal
New Yorkers in November approved a constitutional amendment allowing a North Country mining company to do a land swap so they could continue extracting wollastonite from their mine, which is located astride the Adirondack Park's "Forever Wild'' boundary. read PDF >

01/30/14 • Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Green groups seek Environmental Protection Fund increase
Environmental organizations are asking state lawmakers to increase the Environmental Protection Fund in this year's budget. In Gov. Andrew Cuomo's recently released budget, he allocated $157 million for the EPF, an increase of $4 million from previous years. On Monday, a collection of 13 green groups from around the state issued a press release asking for that to be increased to $200 million. read PDF >

01/27/14 • Plattsburg Press Republican
Next steps in NYCO land swap questioned
RAY BROOK — The plan for NYCO Minerals to test mine on state land has been called into question by environmental groups. Proposition 5, approved by voters statewide last November, allowed a constitutional amendment granting the Willsboro-based mining company access to wollastonite deposits on state land adjoining its mine in the Town of Lewis. read PDF >

01/26/14 • Watertown Daily Times
Adirondack environmentalists nettled by Cuomo’s DEC budget proposal
The Adirondack Council is dissatisfied that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposed budget has largely withheld funding increases from environmental agencies during a time when the state is working toward a $2 billion surplus. read PDF >

01/23/14 • Adirondack Explorer
Prop 5 Opponents Challenge DEC To Prove Enforcement Of State Laws
In November, New York voters approved a constitutional amendment that allows a mining company in the Adirondacks to expand its wollastonite mine onto 200 acres of forest preserve land in exchange for 1,500 acres of forest land. Groups that oppose the idea are asking the Department of Environmental Conservation to confirm that the agency will enforce all other relevant laws. read PDF >

01/20/14 • Adirondack Explorer
Green Groups Say NYCO Drilling Would Violate Law
Earthjustice, an environmental group that specializes in legal issues, contends that NYCO Mineral’s plans to drill for wollastonite samples in the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area would violate several state laws and regulations. read PDF >

01/06/14 • Adirondack Explorer
New State Lands: An Explanation and Analysis
MOREAU — Ulysses S. Grant Cottage would become the hub of a regional walking and mountain bike trail system under a proposal to expand Moreau Lake State Park to include portions of the land surrounding Mount McGregor Correctional Facility, which is scheduled to close July 26. read PDF >

01/03/14 • Post Star
As Mount McGregor nears closure, groups eye park expansion

MOREAU — Ulysses S. Grant Cottage would become the hub of a regional walking and mountain bike trail system under a proposal to expand Moreau Lake State Park to include portions of the land surrounding Mount McGregor Correctional Facility, which is scheduled to close July 26. read PDF >


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