“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s
peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms
their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

— John Muir

IN THE NEWS - 2019

10/18/19 • ON THE SCENE: Two local environmentalists honored Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve honored two outstanding advocates for protecting and strengthening the resilience of our natural environment and the critters that live in it: Kelley Tucker, executive director of the Ausable River Association, and Dan Plumley, the founding director of the Totem Adirondack Consulting Group. read PDF >

10/15/19 • Warnings and Concerns That Acid Rain Could Return To AdirondacksThe Adirondack Cuncil is warning that Trump Administration rollbacks of Clean Air Act regulations threaten a resurgence of acid rain in the region. A 1995 federal rule requires the EPA to track emissions from all power plants. Since then, sulfur dioxide emissions have been cut by 90 percent. But EPA data compiled by the Adirondack Council shows that between 2017 and 2018 sulfur dioxide emissions began to increase. read PDF >

10/14/19 • Judge stays construction of Cedar River bridge A state supreme court judge has issued a preliminary decision barring the state from starting construction of a new snowmobile bridge over the Cedar River. The ruling last week by state Supreme Court Judge Robert Muller comes in the lawsuit that Protect the Adirondack and Adirondack Wild have against the state Department of Environmental Conservation. read PDF >

10/09/19 • Latest court ruling leaves Cedar River bridge project in limbo A state Supreme Court judge continued to put the brakes on the state’s plan to build a bridge over the Cedar River, which would connect Indian Lake and Minerva. read PDF >

09/05/19 • Sides square off in court over proposed snowmobile trail ALBANY — A dispute over whether a mile-long section of road should be open to snowmobilers and hunters or closed as part of a new surrounding wilderness area in the Adirondacks was argued before the state Court of Appeals on Thursday. read PDF >

08/23/19 • Adirondack Wild questions bike trail work in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest The environmental group Adirondack Wild is questioning the legality of work done this summer on a trail in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest. David Gibson, one of the founders of the group, contends the state Department of Environmental Conservation violated its own rules when it laid crushed stone on a 250-foot section of the Murphy Lake Trail near Wells. read PDF >

08/14/19 • State Appeals Court Ruling On Adirondack Trails In early July, the New York Appellate Court issued a split decision on a lawsuit filed by Protect the Adirondacks in 2013 challenging the state’s plan to cut trees in the Forest Preserve in order to establish nearly 27 miles of snowmobile trails. Now, the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Adirondack Park Agency have announced that the state is appealing the ruling. read PDF >

08/09/19 • Addressing High Peaks overuse Keene is ground zero for High Peaks hiker frustration and impact. In particular, Cascade, Colden, Dix, Giant, Noonmark, and Pitchoff mountains are being loved to death. read PDF >

07/03/19 • Major Adirondack Conservation Reform Bill Falls Short Legislation advanced in each house of the New York State Legislature this year that, if approved, would have amended the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) Act to require conservation development standards, clustering, and open space protections for the largest proposed subdivisions in the Adirondack Park. read PDF >

07/02/19 • Editorial: APA needs independence THE ISSUE: The Adirondack Park Agency should be an independent voice for the protection of one of New York's great assets. read PDF >

07/01/19 • Conservation groups reject proposed APA board slate Environmental groups are dismayed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had failed to fill vacancies on the Adirondack Park Agency board with independent voices expert in law and land-use planning. read PDF >

06/28/19 • Albany’s rejection of Adirondack conservation bill disappoints environmentalists Adirondack environmental groups are cheering for a number of legislative accomplishments this session, though they remain without one of their top prizes: a conservation development law. read PDF >

06/27/19 • Concern mounts as APA faces year without full board RAY BROOK — The state Senate session ended last week with four nominees to the state Adirondack Park Agency board left in limbo, and while local government and environmental groups remain at odds, everyone seems to agree that the APA needs a full collection of board members. read PDF >

06/24/19 • Adirondack Park Agency Nominations Delayed Advocates for the Adirondack Park say they are disappointed at the close of the 2019 legislative session, because the Governor failed to nominate a diverse slate of six or seven nominees for the Adirondack Park Agency board that environmental and other advocates could support, and that the Senate would approve. read PDF >

06/21/19 • Conservation groups reject proposed APA board slate Environmental groups on Thursday were dismayed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had failed to fill vacancies on the Adirondack Park Agency board with independent voices expert in law and land-use planning. read PDF >

06/17/19 • Judge delays snowmobile bridge A judge has blocked the state Department of Environmental Conservation from constructing a bridge over the Cedar River until legal arguments can be heard next month. read PDF >

06/14/19 • Judge halts DEC's construction of Cedar River bridge LAKE GEORGE — A Supreme Court judge granted a temporary restraining order Friday to keep the state from building a bridge over the Cedar River in the Essex Chain Lakes, at least until mid-July. read PDF >

05/28/19 • Adirondack Wild Calls For Conservation Leadership at APA Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Senate to substantially strengthen the NYS Adirondack Park Agency’s board, after the abrupt resignation of acting APA board chair Karen Feldman. read PDF >

05/27/19 • Advocates Urge Action To Fill Vacant Adirondack Park Agency Board Seats Earlier this month, the acting chair of the Adirondack Park Agency resigned. The move concerns advocates who say it’s a symptom of a weakening board that leads the park’s land use planning. read PDF >

05/21/19 • Adirondack Wild Calls For Action On Spruce Grouse On Endangered Species Day, May 17, 2019 Adirondack Wild renewed its call for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to protect the endangered spruce grouse, which occupies a few select areas in the Adirondack Park. The spruce grouse requires specialized habitat in low-elevation boreal woods and wetlands which in New York State are found only in the Adirondack Park. read PDF >

05/10/19 • Cedar River bridge lawsuit proceeds before Warren County Supreme Court QUEENSBURY — A Supreme Court judge heard opening arguments Wednesday for a lawsuit against the state regarding a proposed snowmobile bridge over the Cedar River in the Essex Chain Lakes. read PDF >

04/11/19 • Green groups want ATV ban on Adirondack forest preserve A coalition of environmental groups in the Adirondacks wants the state legislature to pass new laws restricting ATV use. The proposal would formally ban four-wheelers on forest preserve land in the Adirondacks and Catskills. read PDF >

04/06/19 • APA board in transition RAY BROOK — Gov. Andrew Cuomo could potentially reshape the state Adirondack Park Agency for years to come this summer. read PDF >

03/12/19 • Conservation groups ask for more rangers, mandatory boat washing and ATV ban on adk. state lands Four major conservation groups vested in the Adirondack Park want Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers to prioritize the park in the state budget for next fiscal year. read PDF >

03/11/19 • Trump environmental record worries Adirondack advocates Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, Adirondack Park environmental advocates fear his administration has reversed critical protections and momentum for healing the park’s ecosystem. read PDF >

03/10/19 • Groups name top five threats to the Adirondacks In late 2018, the Lake Placid News conducted a poll of more than a half-dozen groups, including two state agencies, on what the biggest threats to the Adirondack Park are. read PDF >

02/27/19 • Snowmobile power struggle revs up - John Miller buzzed his Ski-Doo across the Long Lake ice, ready for a lunch stop after riding lake-to-lake for 85 miles from snowy Tug Hill into the heart of the Adirondack Park. read PDF >

02/16/19 • Clear-cutting bill hacked from both sides - A bill introduced in the state Assembly and Senate for the second year in a row would change the way the state Adirondack Park Agency issues permits for clear-cutting, but both loggers and environmental groups say the bill could lead to poor forestry practices unless it addresses some underlying issues. read PDF >

02/05/19 • Green groups sue over snowmobile bridge plan - Two Adirondack environmental groups have sued the state Department of Environmental Conservation over a planned snowmobile bridge in the central Adirondacks. read PDF >

01/30/19 • Towns angry over suit - NORTH HUDSON | Representatives of the central Adirondack Five Towns coalition expressed disappointment and a degree of anger last week over a lawsuit filed by two environmental groups intended to prevent the state from building a 140-foot bridge for snowmobilers over the Cedar River in Indian Lake. read PDF >

01/28/19 • Park officials seek comments on backcountry ski trails - The public has until Friday to submit comments on the Adirondack Park Agency’s proposed guidelines for backcountry ski trails. The agency could vote on the proposals as early as its March meeting. read PDF >

01/22/19 • Plumley to leave Adirondack Wild, will start private consultancy - Dan Plumley, one of the founding members of the green group Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve, announced last week that he will leave the group to form a new consultancy firm with an eye on more international conservation work. read PDF >

01/22/19 • Court Blocks Massive Motorized Bridge Over Scenic River - Two environmental organizations are suing the state of New York over a plan to build a snowmobile trail bridge over a central Adirondacks river protected by the state’s wild-and-scenic rivers law. read PDF >

01/16/19 • Adirondack advocates seek smarter growth plans - At one time it seemed logical to many Adirondackers. Sprinkle new homes widely across large properties as they develop, and you might feel you’ve diluted the effects on the landscape. Out of sight, out of mind. And big lots had the added benefit of offering urbanites the seclusion they sought and would pay for in the mountains. read PDF >

01/09/19 • Critics say governor yields too much power over Adirondack decisions - Environmental leaders, current and former staff officials, and legislative operatives will say they think the Adirondack Park Agency is under the thumb of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. read PDF >

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