John Burth
Enforcement Unit
NYS Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99
Ray Brook, NY 12977

Re. Erosion and Sedimentation into Streams, Woodward Lake Properties

Dear John:

I write to call the Agency’s attention to an apparent and concerning lack of any basic erosion and sediment control practices at the Woodward Lake subdivision on Collins-Gifford Valley Road in Northhampton.

Driving along this public road on March 19, 2022, I noticed a great many trees cut down and stacked roadside, presumably in preparation for road upgrades and site preparation for the lots. At road stream crossings, disturbed soil as well as dirt and grit from the roadside appears to be entering the streams and that erosion will accelerate as the soil thaws. To date and one year after the APA’s issuance of the permit (Project 2018-0123), there is no evidence that workers have installed any temporary silt fencing downgradient of disturbed areas to intercept runoff, nor is there any evidence of the use of straw bales in lieu of silt fencing. This would appear to be a violation of the project’s approved sediment and erosion control plan.

To date, the only apparent effort made to control erosion and sedimentation into the stream from the roadside work was to distribute wood chips from the chainsaws onto the disturbed, bare soil, as shown in the photograph. In the spring rains, all of that saw dust will enter the stream and contribute, along with the soil and sediment, to the smothering of aquatic life. If allowed to continue, the negative impacts of this erosion and stream sedimentation are likely to be felt in Woodward Lake itself.

Thank you very much for the Agency’s prompt attention to these possible permit violations. Soon, we hope that silt fencing and straw bales will be properly positioned and staked to intercept runoff at stream crossings along Collins-Gifford Valley Road.


David Gibson, Managing Partner
Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve

Enc. Attached Photos
Cc: R. Lore
C. Cooper
A. Lynch
J. Ernst

P.O. Box 9247. Niskayuna. NY. 12309

Photographs by D. Gibson, Adirondack Wild, taken along Collins-Gifford Valley Road, Northhampton, on March 19, 2022

sawdust and sediment from cut trees alongside a stream

timber cleared from an area culvert emptying int stream muddy banks of a stream trees cleared alonside of a dirt road view across stream towards clear-cut wooded area