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Remembering Wendy Hall

By Ken Rimany, Partner Adirondack Wild.

Ken Rimany holding a beaver

Ken Rimany with a baby Beaver kit. Photo by Wendy Hall

Wendy Hall, founder of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, which she ran alongside her husband Stephen Hall (who also is a long-time Almanack contributor), passed away on Sunday.

Ken Rimany, a partner with Adirondack Wild, shared this recollection:

Incomparable champions of all wildlife, big and small, Wendy and Steve Hall have always been, and always will be to me. Wendy’s legacy of her passion and limitless love for taking care of and rehabilitating so many of God’s creatures over the past twenty years at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center – continues to still shine bright.

Wendy Hall holding a young beaver

Wendy Hall. Photo by Ken Rimany

My first and only experience ever touching and holding a Beaver, one of my most favorite creatures and the official animal of New York since 1975, was given to me by Wendy years ago when a rescue kit came into her care. That one amazing experience bonded us immediately and launched our special friendship and is one that I’ve never forgotten and will treasure forever. What an amazing and transformational woman she was in so many ways.

Wendy is at peace now with all her wonderful furry and feathery friends that she so lovingly cared for. I can’t help but feel that they’re all taking care of her – right now.

Photos provided by Ken Rimany