Current IssuesExisting Round Lake and Whitney Wilderness areas, pictured here, will benefit from conserving the adjacent 36,000-acres of Whitney Park, now up for sale. Photo © Dave Gibson.

Whitney Park – Cradle of American Forestry – is again up for sale. Let’s all work toward another Conservation Success Story. Watch our new Video.

Adirondack Wild is outspoken about why the 36,000-acres now up for sale by Whitney Industries near Long Lake and Tupper Lake is of such significance to the Adirondack story and landscape. It’s time to conserve the property for all time. The tract’s interconnected streams, ponds and wetlands, and its forests have attracted wildlife and people for generations.

With the bulk of the property now for sale, it’s critical to pull people together, dust off the prior planning studies and re-start the conversation with the willing seller, with nonprofit land trusts, with the towns of Long Lake and Tupper Lake, and with the DEC’s Region 5 Open Space Conservation Advisory Committee.

Speaking of conversations, few know the history and significance of this landscape like ecologist and Adirondack Wild advisor Sunita Halasz who spent several years studying the Whitney landscape intensively as part of her master’s thesis.

Learn more about the logging history and overall importance of Whitney Park in this short video Sunita produced for Adirondack Wild.

You will want to turn up your volume to hear her fascinating story.

For those who wish to dig deeper, Sunita is happy to share her written thesis.

We extend to her our great thanks for sharing her knowledge.

By David Gibson, Managing Partner of Adirondack Wild