Our Values

Adirondack Wild values the exercise of human respect, humility and restraint in areas of the Adirondack and Catskill Parks designated as wilderness or wildlands deserving of wilderness stewardship. We value wild places where respect for the land, wildlife, entire community of life, natural character and natural processes predominate over our tendency to dominate, control and manipulate nature.

We, therefore, advocate for:

  • an interconnected, unfragmented, intact and healthy network of protected public and private wildlands, including but not limited to public Forest Preserve, across the entire Adirondack Park — qualities that:
  • buffer climate change,
  • safeguard wilderness character, natural conditions, and legal guidelines for use
  • support wildlife and forest health
  • preserve streams and their connection to natural floodplains
  • support the Adirondack quality of life, and economies.
  • support a welcoming attitude towards people of color – White, Black and Brown people – and people of all backgrounds who have an equal interest and stake in the Adirondack Park’s ecological and human communities and their health and stewardship.


We work against:

  • Poorly designed, damaging developments and intensive recreational facilities and uses in sensitive Adirondack Park locations
  • Over manipulation or overuse of areas which ought to be under careful wildland stewardship.
  • Fragmentation of Adirondack wildlife habitats into smaller, less functional ecosystems and smaller, less useful forest landscapes supporting fewer species and fewer opportunities for sustainable forestry and open space recreation.