Wildland Advocacy


Adirondack Wild is an advocate for wildlands and speaks for and safeguards wild nature which cannot speak for itself, including:

  • its wildlife;
  • its complex, interconnected, vulnerable ecological systems;
  • its capacity to withstand human uses;
  • its wilderness areas and primitive qualities where we are asked to exercise maximum human restraint;
  • In return for our wilderness protection, we are given the gift to seek and find solitude, free to observe the whole community of life all around us.

None of this happens on its own. Adirondack Park may appear to be “protected” but that protection is not self-executing. It requires constant vigilance and watchdogs, and that is where Adirondack Wild comes in. We act to:

  • Uphold, honor and embrace our NYS constitutional protection of the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserve, “forever wild” since 1894;
  • Review proposed constitutional changes to make sure they do not compromise the forever wild mandate;
  • Mobilize public opinion whenever proposals do threaten that mandate;
  • Monitor and analyze state land classifications and management plans to ensure they are consistent with our constitution and master plans;
  • Recommend policy reforms that will benefit wildlands. Those reforms are in our publication, Adirondack Park at a Crossroad: A Road Map for Action;
  • Hold public officials accountable to the constitution and related laws;
  • Testify at hearings;
  • Write op-ed viewpoints;
  • Issue full page action alerts in Adirondack Explorer magazine
  • Take legal action when necessary to prevent damage to wildlands from mismanagement, overuse and poorly planned development.


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The Adirondack Park at a Crossroad: A Road Map for Action

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